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New PDF release: A Grammar of Maybrat: A Language of the Bird’s Head

By Philomena Dol

ISBN-10: 0858835738

ISBN-13: 9780858835733

Maybrat is a Papuan language that is spoken within the important region of the Bird's Head Peninsula , Papua Province , Indonesia . although it really is one of many greater neighborhood languages in Papua Province when it comes to numbers of audio system, a complete grammar in this language has hitherto no longer been published.

This publication goals to offer an outline of the phonology, morphology and sy n tax of the Maybrat language because it is spoken by means of the folks of Ayawasi. preferably, this paintings can be utilized as a reference grammar: it offers information regarding crucial structural and typological facets of Maybrat. With this in brain, the grammar is filled with illustrative examples targeted round contrasts in shape and which means, that are mentioned within the textual content.

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1 on inalienably possessed nouns. 14 Phonology 15 word-final position are presented. In the phonetic forms, main stress is marked by ‘ » ’ preceding the syllable, and secondary stress, if heard, by ‘«’ preceding the syllable. 3 below. 1 Vowels The phonemic vowels of Maybrat are given in the vowel diagram in (1): (1) The vowel /´/ occurs in some words as an optional phoneme. In word-final position after another vowel, [j] and [w] occur as allophones of /i/ and /u/ respectively. 1 Allophones of the vowels The phonetic realisations of the vowels are given below: /i/ → [i] high front close unrounded vowel [»ita] /ita/ ‘leaf’ [mir] /mir/ ‘orange’ [»toni] /toni/ ‘their cheek’ /i/ is optionally realised as high central half-close unrounded vowel [I] when followed by a velar consonant /k/: 2 [I] [»manik] [»wasik] ~ ~ [»manIk] [»wasIk] /manik/ /wasik/ ‘oil’ ‘they burn’ [j] In word-final position following a vowel, /i/ may be realised as [j]:2 [t´»xaj] ~ [t´»xai] /txai/ ‘I die’ [saj] ~ [»sai] /sai/ ‘only’ For practical reasons, in phonetic transcriptions, only the form with the vocalic allophone [i] is given.

Instances where stresses adjacent to other stresses are removed are sometimes referred to as ‘destressing rules’ (Hayes 1995:36), and, as appears from Hayes’ case studies, are attested in many languages. 37 38 This form may function as a single clause and is also translated as such, although in the corresponding example it is not. See also example (52). A ‘cuscus’ is a small marsupial which lives in trees, and is often hunted at night for food. 5 Other phonetic features Many older speakers of Maybrat blow through their nose (marked ‘á’) at the end of a sentence, as in (57).

Reesink pers. ). (57) [t´sija 'ana á] /t-sia ana/ 1S-with 3P (tsiya ana) ‘I with them’ If forms ending in /t/ are uttered in isolation, or when they occur in sentence-final position, the pronunciation of /t/ may be postponed, so that it is heard later than expected. In such forms, there is a silence between the vowel and the word-final [t]: 39 [s´rAx»wata] behaves like a compound noun: the main stress is on the second member stress position, while the secondary stress is on the stressed syllable of the first member.

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