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Download e-book for iPad: AJS Review: Vol. XXI, No. 2, 1996 by Nelson, M

By Nelson, M

ISBN-10: 0691010986

ISBN-13: 9780691010984

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Naturnaiben Hil'ai, head of the rabbinicacademyat Sura,Babylonia(853-858), as well as a numberof his successors,regarded the apostateas having left Judaism:"becausehe apostatizedhe has left the sanctityof Israel and the sanctityof his father"'Yet Naturnailimited the practicalapplicationof this ruling to mattersof inheritance;with respect to personalstatus, Jewish law took a stringentposition and continuedto sourceof canonlaw (Linder,p. 33). Linderpointsout that"general Churchas an authoritative prohibitionsagainstconversion"of Christiansto Judaismexistedfromthe fourthcentury(p.

790). OdedIr-Shai,"Mumarke-yoreshbe-teshubot haShanaton shel ha-nokri," ba-mishpat ha-ge'onim-yesodotehah pesiqahu-maqabbiloteyha mishpatha-'ibri 11-12 (1984-86): 438-455, discussesthe possible social-economicbasis of Naturnai'sposition,his successors'views, andtheircritics. RabbiGershomben Judahof Mainz(d. 7PresumablyR. Gershomwantedto encourageapostatesto returnto Judaismby limitingthe potentialshame that could be heapedupon them by unkindcoreligionists, would not cause a repenter as well as to try and ensurethat embarrassment to leaving the fold again.

93-94, nos. 203, 204. The chroniclerstatesthat"throughhis [R. Moses']effortsall the forcedconvertswho remained scatteredaboutin Henry'skingdomreturned[to Judaism]"(A. M. Habermann, Sefergezerot Ashkenazu-Zarfat[Jerusalem:Tarshish,1946], p. 94). Regardingpapalreaction,see Grayzel,"Popes,Jews, andInquisition,"p. 12. 15. , new edition Publishers,1968),vol. 16, p. 8, no. 19. (1878; reprint,Farnborough: GreggInternational 16. Habermann, SefergezerotAshkenazu-Zarfat,p. 145. 17. Forthis the chroniclerSolomon ben Simondeemedthempraiseworthyandsaidthat"hewho speaksevil of them,it is as if he speaks[against]the Holy Presence"(Habermann, SefergezerotAshkenazu-Zarfat,p.

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AJS Review: Vol. XXI, No. 2, 1996 by Nelson, M

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