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Analytical Chemistry of Zirconium and Hafnium by Anil K. Mukherji, R. Belcher and M. Frieser (Auth.) PDF

By Anil K. Mukherji, R. Belcher and M. Frieser (Auth.)

ISBN-10: 0080068863

ISBN-13: 9780080068862

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Ii) Washing the precipitate with water only gave low results both for direct weighing and ignition. 34 ANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY OF ZIRCONIUM AND HAFNIUM (iii) Kumins' recommended method for washing gave high results for direct weighing but correct results on ignition. (iv) Washing the precipitate with a saturated solution of zirconium mandelate gave slightly low but consistent results for direct weighing. Hahn and Baginski<85) recommend that the reagent should be added dropwise to the hot solution (85-95°C) in 5 N HC1.

Cool again to below 20°C. 05 M Th(N0 3 ) 4 to an intense red color. Aliquot 2. 6 M in HNO s , nearly to boiling. 05 M EDTA. Precipitate the hot solution dropwise with aqueous ammonia (1:1), stirring till a red-violet color appears. Let the precipitated hydroxides settle. Filter while warm. Wash thoroughly with hot water. Cool and dilute if necessary.

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Analytical Chemistry of Zirconium and Hafnium by Anil K. Mukherji, R. Belcher and M. Frieser (Auth.)

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