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Download e-book for kindle: Anatomy in Surgery by Philip Thorek M.D., F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S. (auth.)

By Philip Thorek M.D., F.A.C.S., F.I.C.S. (auth.)

ISBN-10: 1461382866

ISBN-13: 9781461382867

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ISBN-13: 9781461382881

In this publication on surgical anatomy, the writer ter of the illustrations are in color-a characteristic has deviated significantly from the standard plan which provides drastically to their price. and has offered the cloth with a much better Anatomy is a crucial section of surgical procedure surgical perspective. evidently, it is going to attraction and is particularly priceless within the education of a sur­ basically to surgeons and especially to these geon. Years in the past it was once maybe overempha­ in education simply because operative technic is in­ sized within the necessities of a physician. in the course of cluded with the anatomy. the full physique is contemporary years while a data of body structure coated within the anatomic dialogue and the used to be discovered to be so very important to the general practitioner, ideas of technic defined for the impor­ anatomy has to an exceptional quantity been missed. tant operations. this system of presentation The pendulum is threatening to swing too some distance of anatomic facts has an visible virtue and provides the younger medical professional the concept he in that it correlates the anatomy with the tech­ don't need to spend time on anatomy. The time nical section of surgical procedure; with out query, the desire by no means come while anatomy can be unim­ younger health care provider will locate that this integration portant to the health care provider; the younger general practitioner will make it a lot more straightforward for him to recollect should always take pleasure in this. it can be secure the $64000 anatomic details.

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Its medial part is formed by the hippocampal gyrus, which is continuous posteriorly with the gyrus cinguli at the isthmus. The anterior extremity of this gyrus forms a projection called the uncus, which receives incoming olfactory fibers and is associated with olfactory impressions. The rhinal sulcus separates the uncus from the temporal lobe. The hippocampal gyrus is bounded laterally by the collateral sulcus. The lingual gyrus begins near the occipital pole, lying posterior to the hippocampal gyrus and medial to the collateral sulcus.

It lies immediately behind the upper part of the external meatus and, although small and often inconspicuous, it is important because the tympanic antrum lies about '12 inch medial to it. The antrum is a cavity in the temporal bone which is surgically important in diseases of the mastoid process. This process can be palpated under cover of the lobule of the auricle. It is absent at birth and does not begin to appear until the 2nd year of life. A line drawn from one mastoid to the other passes immediately below the foramen magnum.

In early life the superior longitudinal sinus communicates with the veins of the nose through this foramen, but in the adult it is usually closed, hence its name-cecum (blind). The cribriform plate is perforated like a sieve by numerous olfactory nerves, which are clothed in an arachnoid sheath and arise from the olfactory cells in the nasal mucosa. At the side of the cribriform plate the anterior and the posterior ethmoidal foramina are found. They mark the medial ends of two short canals that lead from the orbital cavity and open at the side of the cribriform plate; they transmit the anterior and the posterior ethmoidal arteries and the anterior ethmoidal nerve.

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