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Read e-book online Computational aspects of commutative algebra PDF

By Lorenzo Robbiano

ISBN-10: 0125895909

ISBN-13: 9780125895903

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10) DEFINITION. Let n(R) be the number of vertices in the AR quiver of R. In other words, n(R) is the number of isomorphism classes of indecomposable CM modules over R. We say that R (or <£) is of finite representation type (or representationfinite) if n(R) is finite. 22). Thus in many cases when we consider the representation type of R> we will adopt the assumption that R is an isolated singularity. In the rest of this chapter we shall try to draw the AR quiver of a certain ring. Let k be an algebraically closed field and let n be a positive odd integer.

From its dual sequence 0 —» M —• F1 —> N' —> 0, we obtain the exact sequence and isomorphisms of functors on C: PROOF: 0— ( ,M)—>{ Ext£ + 1 ( ,f)—>( ,N')-^ExtR( ,M)~ExtnR{ ,N') ,M) — 0 , (n>l). ) It follows from the sequence that Ext^( , M) is finitely presented. Since N' is a CM module, we see from the isomorphism that Ext^ +1 ( , M) is also finitely presented, by using induction on n. Next consider the case t > 1. Take a free cover of M to have an exact sequence 0—*•• L —>G—»M—•(), where G is a free module and L is a module of depth(X) = depth(M) + 1.

Pi fl T = (a;i,a;2,... , £*)T which we denote by p. Then it is easy to see that each R

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